Unified School District of Antigo
Unified School District of Antigo Vision Statement

As a result of their education, graduating USDA students will possess and exhibit the following academic traits and characteristics. They will:

-show mastery of basic skills in reading, writing and math computation;
-meet or exceed state averages in both literacy and mathematics measures;
-be critical thinkers, able to consume and evaluate information for accuracy and to;
-synthesize ideas, concepts and beliefs based upon logic and the validity and reliability of that information;
-be resourceful and creative problem-solvers;
-demonstrate and practice skills needed for use in post-secondary education and careers, including collaboration, reliability, honesty, responsibility and timeliness;
-engage in practices that maintain good health;
-be knowledgeable about food and nutrition sources; and
-effectively manage personal finances.

In addition, during and long after their tenure as USDA students, they will demonstrate the following societal standards, goals and behaviors of good citizenship:

-Understand and appreciate the history and culture of their nation and state;
-Exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens of our society under the Constitution;
-Practice the shared community values of honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance, giving and service; and
-Utilize their academic skills such as content knowledge and critical thinking to appreciate, accept and value cultural and individual differences.

In order for USDA students to permanently acquire and display these traits, it is necessary for both USDA Board and staff to model them at all times and likewise, for all, especially staff, to effectively:

-Use realistic and meaningful project-based instruction;
-Individualize instruction to address individual needs;
-Provide and effectively use technology applications;
-Engage in local business and community partnerships;
-Accept accountability through regular reporting by both students and staff to the board and community.