The Noboken School Forest is a 168 acre site located 12 miles north of Antigo on Hwy. J near Jack Lake. The school district registered the property as a school forest in 1931. Noboken School Forest has several different habitat types including a tamarack swamp, a small pond and a 27 acre lake, Noboken Lake. There has been renewed interest in utilizing this educational facility with district students participating in environmental education and recreational activities.

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Map of Noboken School Forest
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Noboken School Forest Curriculum Plan - This link is the entire school forest curriculum plan. The links below are the school forest curriculum plan broken into separate units.
Unit 1: Tree Identification
Unit 2: Energy Transfer
Unit 3: Tree Measurement and Utilization
Unit 4: Adaptations
Unit 5: Soil
Unit 6: Mapping/Orienteering
Unit 7: Wildlife Identification
Unit 8: Succession/Phenology
Unit 9: Biodiversity
Unit 10: Water
Challenge Course

Noboken School Forest Education Plan