Unified School District of Antigo
Release of Student Information as Directory Data

School Board Policy 347.1 “Student Directory Data” and Wisconsin State Statutes ll8.l25(l)(d), 
ll8.l25 (2)(j) require the district to provide this notice of parental and student rights related to 
“Directory Data” on students. Parents and/or students may request that any or all of the 
following information may not be disclosed as Directory Data available to be released to the 

1. Student name;
2. Student address;
3. Student telephone listing;
4. Student date and place of birth;
5. Student’s major field of study;
6. Student’s participation in officially recognized activities and sports;
7. Student height and weight;
8. Student’s dates of attendance;
9. Student photograph;
10. Parent or guardian name;
11. Student’s degree and awards (including honor roll);
12. Name of the school most recently/previously attended by the student; and
13. Any instructional or academic grouping, i.e., Talented and Gifted, Title I, etc.

Parents and/or students have a right to request any or all of the above items not to be considered as “Directory Data.” Parents and students will have until September 21, 2015, to indicate which items are not to be considered as “Directory Data.” Notification MUST be a formal, written letter to the principal of the building where the student attends. The request must indicate the name of the child, the school the child is attending, who is making the request, and what data to withhold.

If no formal written request to withhold this information is received within fourteen (l4) days 
after the first day of school, the above informational items related to students will be considered  “Directory Data” and can be released to individuals as authorized by state statute and school  board policy without parental consent.

Parents of high school students who do not want their student’s name released to school 
photography salespeople, ring salespeople, institutions of higher education and/or military 
recruiters should contact the high school administration by September 21, 2015.